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Background Information

Aldesa Valores Puesto de Bolsa, S.A

  • Corporate ID card number: 3-101-040065
  • Phone: 2207.8915
  • Fax: 2207.8889 and 2207.8890
  • E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Web site: www.aldesa.com 
  • Address: San José, Curridabat, del Servicentro la Galera 500 metros al este, carretera a Tres Ríos.
  • Regulatory Agency: Bolsa Nacional de Valores and Superintendencia General de Valores.

Custodial Services Fee
Concept Fee Date
Certifications $25,00 30 natural days once the investor receives the notification June 15th 
Non onerous transfers $60,00
Direct transfers $10,00
Custodial: every month per each account $10,00
Pledge of securities $20,00
Modification of term on a Triparty Repo $60,00
Accounts Reassignation $60,00
Note 1 :
These fees apply only for the customers with a balance under $250.000
The fee charged by the National Stock Exchange is included in the final fee. It will be paid by the customer.
Tarifas de Servicios Custodia ( Ver nota # 1)ConceptoTarifaVigenciaFecha 

“The authorization to conduct public offering does not entail a qualification of issuance quality or issuer solvency.”
“Since these securities are registered at the primary market abroad, neither the issuer nor the issuance are under supervision from the Superintendencia General de Valores. Rather, they are supervised only by the regulatory agency in the original market.” “Those values will be traded in foreign markets and under those markets’ trading rules."

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