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Information turned into strategy

We specialize in consulting through design of investment strategies in global financial markets, in line with individual investors’ goals and degree of risk tolerance.

We aim at obtaining maximum benefit for our customers through objective investment recommendations based on solid technical criteria.

The key to our consulting is creating customer service teams including market analysts, international and local market operators, and a stockbroker in charge of personally serving the account.

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Authorized brokers registered in the National Stock Exchange:

  • Bryan Chaves Solís
  • Fernando Rojas García
  • Ileana Mendoza Orozco
  • Javier Chaves Bolaños
  • Javier Umaña Gómez
  • Javier Valverde Fernández
  • Juan Carlos Barboza
  • Juan Carlos Herrera Raven
  • Kimberly Sáenz Peña
  • Laura Geovanna Boschini Thuel
  • Luis Diego Chavarría Alfaro
  • Luis Diego Simón Rojas
  • Marcela Madrigal Herrera
  • Oscar Luis Chaves Bolaños
  • Randall Heyden Cordero
  • Randall Mauricio Diaz Solís
  • Román Morera Calvo
  • Steven Alfaro Chacón
  • Marisol Portela
  • Vernan Mesén


BCCR notice: Mandatory use or DIDI DIMEX for interbank transactions

Marketing Manager
Leticia Balma Calderón
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Direct phone number: 2207-8821
Cellphone number: 8323-2242

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