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Research and Analysis

Careful research and analysis of information lead to appropriate investment decisions helping attain customers’ goals. Thus, we turn information into strategy, in line with customers’ objectives and risk profiles.

We complement our advice with:

  • Economic update and general investment strategy guidelines lectures.
  • Daily reports with investment recommendations at local and international markets.
  • Weekly reports summarizing the factors shaping market trends.
  • Monthly and quarterly reports on the global economy.
  • Bimonthly reports on investment strategy general guidelines.

“The authorization to conduct public offering does not entail a qualification of issuance quality or issuer solvency.”
“Since these securities are registered at the primary market abroad, neither the issuer nor the issuance are under supervision from the Superintendencia General de Valores. Rather, they are supervised only by the regulatory agency in the original market.” “Those values will be traded in foreign markets and under those markets’ trading rules."

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