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About Us

Founded in 1968 as a financial consulting company, Aldesa is one of the most experienced business firms in the Costa Rican Stock Market. In 1976 Aldesa Valores Puesto de Bolsa was created as an asset management firm and one of the founding companies of the Costa Rican Stock Exchange (Bolsa Nacional Valores S.A.) In 1988 Aldesa helped usher in a new era in the Costa Rican Stock Market by introducing investment funds through Aldesa Sociedad de Fondos de Inversión S.A. Since then, Aldesa SFI has created a line of funds from both the local and international market to meet the various needs of its customers.

Aldesa Banca de Inversión was created in 1998 to promote the development of the Costa Rican capital market. Aldesa Banca de Inversión is committed to do so and support its customers as they face the challenges arising from globalization and trade openness.

For the last forty years, Aldesa has stood out due to continuous evolution that turned it into a sound, knowledgeable, and reliable business firm.

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