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Aldesa ISO 9001

Back in 1998 Aldesa adopted a Quality Management System. This strategic move led us to better understand and meet our customers’ current requirements as we follow a number of principles including focus on our customers, leadership, staff involvement, attention to processes, focus on systems, continuous improvement, fact-based decision-making, and developing mutually beneficial relations with our suppliers.

Our Quality System is influenced by the evolving conditions of our environment, company needs and objectives, services offered to customers, the processes to deliver them, and our own internal structure.

By keeping our certification we are committed to meeting customers’ and legal requirements as well as regulatory standards applicable to our services, and to act in line with Aldesa’s internal policies.

We have identified, documented, and managed a number of interrelated activities allowing us to operate effectively. Our Quality System fosters a process-based approach allowing us to continuously develop, implement, and improve company effectiveness in enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting their needs.

Quality Policy:

  • Generate wealth for our clients, through an experience that captivates them, a reliable work environment, the specialized knowledge of the collaborators and the digitalization of the processes.
  • Promote continuous improvement and the compliance of the stakeholders’ requirements.


Version 6

March 2017

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