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Income and Surplus Real-Estate Fund

The Income and Surplus Value Real Estate Fund is intended for investors willing to diversify their investments through a non-financial asset portfolio.

It aims at protecting investors’ capital against inflation risk, maximize investors’ income, diversify, and compensate for risk. It is not recommended for those investing idle money temporarily or on a fixed-term basis.

Fund Features:

Recommended Term:

Minimum 3 years.

Minimum 3 years.


Portfolio composition:

Due to its degree of specialization, the Fund will invest no less than 80% of its portfolio in real estate assets. The remainder must be kept in cash in a checking account to meet cash needs or must be invested in public securities.

Distribution of returns:

On the last day of each month, the Fund will distribute up to 100% of liquid earnings, in line with investment policies set by the Investment Committee for this purpose. These liquid earning must be understood as interests of the financial portfolio, plus rent income or revenue from the non-financial portfolio, after deducting expenses incurred.


  • This fund is registered with Superintendencia General de Valores (SUGEVAL) and is ruled by the Ley Reguladora del Mercado de Valores and the appropriate prospectus.


Assets Custodian:

  • Banco de Costa Rica.


“Prior to investing ask for the investment fund prospectus.”
“The authorization to conduct public offering does not entail a qualification of investment fund share quality or the solvency of either the fund or its managing organization.”
“Past returns do not ensure similar future returns.”
“Financial management and investment risk in this fund are not related to those from bank or financial organizations in their economic group, as their assets are independent.”
“An investment fund is not a bank deposit; thus, it is neither ensured nor guaranteed by the government of Costa Rica, the managing organization, or its financial group.”
“For further information on investment funds, inquiries can be made at any office of the managing organization or with the Superintendencia General de Valores.”

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