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Monthly Income Fund, USD

Fund Description

Aldesa’s Non-Diversified Income Investment Fund, USD is aimed at individual or corporate investors wishing to invest in USD to avoid the negative impact of Costa Rican currency devaluation on their savings, and obtaining monthly periodical income.

Fund Features

Recommended Term:

At least 360 days

Minimum Amount:


Fund Type:


Distribution of returns:

Fluctuating, the first working day of each month

Date of Departure:

Two times per year.(August 20 and February 20).


This fund is registered with Superintendencia General de Valores (SUGEVAL) and is ruled by the Ley Reguladora del Mercado de Valores and the appropriate prospectus.

Assets Custodian:

Banco de Costa Rica


Fund Prospectus

Net Assets and Number of Investors

Net Assets Number of Investors
4,995,387.86 93

Returns, Participation Value, and Commission

Fund Return

Fund Name Fund Return
24/09/2018 January to Date Last Year
NDIF ALDESA INCOME FUND, US$ -1.16% 0.00% 0.15% 0.15%

VCA: Market Cost Value
MK: Market Value

Fund Participation Value

Fund Name Date Participation Value
NDIF ALDESA INCOME FUND, US$ 24/09/2018 0 221.0863

Administration Comission

Fund Name Date Comission
NDIF ALDESA INCOME FUND, US$ 24/09/2018 2.00%

Fund´s Rating

Rate Date Rating Agency
AA3 29//11/2017 SCRiesgo

Risk Indicators

Date: 15/05/2016 DM VaR p Var M Desv 30d RAR 30d Desv 12m RAR 12m Plazo
INCOME, USD 3,5000 0,0000 0,0000 3,9000 0,5200 1,7000 0,0900 NA
Term Description
ML Modified Length
VaR p Value at Risk/Value of Participating in the Secondary Market
VaR M Value at Risk/Market Price
Dev 30d Standard Deviation Last Month
RAR 30d Return Adjusted for Risk Last Month
Dev 12m Standard Deviation
RAR 12m Return Adjusted for Risk Last Year
Term Medium

Risk Report

Reporte de RiesgoDownload Risk Report

Rating Report

Reporte de Calificación Download Rating Report

Monthly Report

Informe Mensual Monthly Report

Quarterly Report

Informe Trimestral Quarterly Report

“Prior to investing ask for the investment fund prospectus.”
“The authorization to conduct public offering does not entail a qualification of investment fund share quality or the solvency of either the fund or its managing organization.”
“Past returns do not ensure similar future returns.”
“Financial management and investment risk in this fund are not related to those from bank or financial organizations in their economic group, as their assets are independent.”
“An investment fund is not a bank deposit; thus, it is neither ensured nor guaranteed by the government of Costa Rica, the managing organization, or its financial group.”
“For further information on investment funds, inquiries can be made at any office of the managing organization or with the Superintendencia General de Valores.”

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