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Real-Estate Funds

What Are These?

Real-estate investment funds are collective investment vehicles to invest in real estate.

In addition to participating in the real-estate market without requiring a large amount of assets, these funds allow customers to take part in a diversified investment portfolio, thus lowering the risk levels resulting from investing in financial instruments and derived from evolving interest rates.

Advantages from investing in an instrument like the Income and Surplus Real-Estate Fund


Increased diversification leading to lower portfolio risk. Real-estate behaves just the opposite from interest rates in the market. Thus, a balanced portfolio containing financial and real-estate assets is optimally diversified.


The investment is supported by real assets; the investors become co – owners of those assets in proportion to their investment.


The returns are generated by the rent and sale of the properties (liquid returns) and by the increase in the value of those properties (surplus). The returns or dividends of this fund are income tax free.

  • Real-Estate Funds Non diversified Income and Surplus

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Know our Catalogue of Properties

“Prior to investing ask for the investment fund prospectus.”
“The authorization to conduct public offering does not entail a qualification of investment fund share quality or the solvency of either the fund or its managing organization.”
“Past returns do not ensure similar future returns.”
“Financial management and investment risk in this fund are not related to those from bank or financial organizations in their economic group, as their assets are independent.”
“An investment fund is not a bank deposit; thus, it is neither ensured nor guaranteed by the government of Costa Rica, the managing organization, or its financial group.”
“For further information on investment funds, inquiries can be made at any office of the managing organization or with the Superintendencia General de Valores.”

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