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  • Aldesa will collect only the information that is relevant and necessary to have a better understanding of its investors ´needs and to accomplish with the law and regulation.
  • Aldesa will be able to transfer investors´ information to any of the subsidiaries of the company, according to what is permitted by the law.
  • Aldesa will not provide its investors´ information to any external organization unless it has the consent of the investor or when it is required by any of the institutions that oversee and regulate the company´s operations.
  • Aldesa may be obliged to provide investors´ information when requested by public or legal institutions, or by the entities that regulate and oversee Aldesa as a financial institution.
  • Aldesa aims to keep all the investors´ information up to date.
  • Aldesa operates with accurate technological systems that protect the investors´ information and avoids unauthorized access to it, not only from outside the organization but also from inside.

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Curridabat 600mts. Este del Servicentro La Galera. CR San José 2488-1000